The Lubrication Of Metal - A Maintenance Essential For Industrial Machinery

Industrial equipment contains metal components that must be properly lubricated. Lubricants reduce friction and prevent mechanical parts from running hot. A wholesale lubricant manufacturer sells a line of lubricants and application devices that will aid with caring for your industrial machinery.

Improper Care

High production demands require industrial machines to be operated frequently. Conveyor systems, packaging machines, and die-cutting presses are a few examples of equipment that contain metal pieces that need to be lubricated.

If moving plates and gears that comprise the inner workings of a machine aren't lubricated, a machine could run hot or seize to operate. The failure to apply a lubricating agent to metal parts could also lead to metal components corroding. 


A wholesale lubricant manufacturer sells anti-seize compounds, metal lubricants, grease agents, and mold removal lubricants. A base oil is used to create a lubricant. An industrial lubricant will be labeled as a mineral-based, synthetic-based, or vegetable-based product.

A grease agent is an oil-based lubricant that has a thickener added to it. The high viscosity of grease supports long-term lubrication. 

Lubricants are sold in a liquid format. They are designed to be sprayed or wiped onto metal surfaces. Grease products are sold in a semi-solid format. A grease gun or a pump is often used to apply grease.

Reference Materials

Refer to the instructional manual that each piece of your industrial equipment came with. A manual will outline the care requirements for the equipment. It will also highlight the internal and external parts of the machinery. A manufacturer of industrial equipment will outline the lubrication techniques that should be performed during the routine maintenance of a machine.

A Wholesaler's Product Line

Lubricants and grease products should not be mixed together. If two different products are used to lubricate metal, the combined chemical ingredients within the products could damage the metal. A wholesaler may sell cases and individual units of each lubrication product that they feature.

Application devices that a wholesaler sells will prevent messy lubrication applications. A grease gun is a piece of equipment that can be used to dispense an even amount of grease to metal bearings, plates, and other parts of machinery.

A lubricant pump is a piece of equipment that can be used when applying a lubricating agent to a wide range of metal components. A wholesaler will feature fittings and tubes that are needed to secure attachment pieces to some of the lubrication equipment that they sell.

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