Tips for Working with a Manufacturer When Customizing Wire Mesh for Sifters

Sifters allow people to move materials back and forth in order to get them to go through openings, leaving behind target objects. It might be precious metal or something else of value. Wire mesh is an integral part of these tools, and you can have it successfully customized by a manufacturer by doing a couple of things.

Be Specific With Mesh Opening Size

A distinguishing attribute of wire mesh for sifters is the size of the mesh openings. They will dictate the rate at which materials fall through, and because of this, you need to be certain which mesh size opening is going to play to your advantage with a particular screening project.

Think about what you're trying to find using a sifter and then estimate its dimensions. Then you can make sure the mesh opening size is big enough to allow surrounding materials to fall through, but not so big to where your target objects fall through as well.

Choose a Material That's Lightweight

You want a custom wire mesh manufacturer to make your wire mesh with durable materials, but the materials also need to be as light as possible. You might have to use this sifter for many hours around a work site, but the wire mesh's lightweight nature will allow you to perform sifting without as much fatigue.

You just need to get your manufacturer's advice on what custom wire mesh material is lightweight but still durable enough to last around the environment where your sifter will be used.

Let Manufacturer Analyze Your Sifter

Whatever sifter you plan on using around a work site to search for various things in materials like dirt and sand, you want to let your custom wire mesh manufacturer thoroughly analyze it. This will help them see what attributes they need to account for to make suitable wire mesh materials.

For instance, they can measure the size of your sifter and then ensure the custom wire mesh is cut to the appropriate dimensions to support this sifter size perfectly. The manufacturer also can assess the material of your sifter and choose complementary materials for the wire mesh.

If you're looking to use a sifter a lot to find certain things in materials, then you may need to have its custom wire mesh materials designed by a professional manufacturer. As long as you plan for the right things, this wire mesh can efficiently aid your sifting operations.