Mobile Conveyor Manufacturing Variables and Usage Tips

Outside materials that need to be transported at an incline or ones that are being mined, cleaned, and sorted may require the use of a mobile conveyor unit. This type of machinery can be set up at a worksite and adjusted, to meet the transport demands that have been outlined.

Weight and Size Requirements

A mobile conveyor is a unit that can be stored inside a service vehicle or transported behind one. A mobile unit is typically constructed of metal, vinyl, plastic, and other materials that are sturdy and non-corrosive. A unit may contain foldable panels, which will offer the portability one may need.

A larger unit that contains a wide belt and side barriers can be used to transport large rocks, heavy pieces of sediment, and other materials that could potentially break a smaller conveyor system or result in debris flying off the sides of the conveyor assembly. Mobile conveyor systems that are designed for portable tasks can be used indoors or outdoors.


A mobile unit may consist of one belt piece that contains a smooth surface. Units that are going to require the transport of materials that contain slippery surfaces can be placed upon a mobile unit that contains a conveyor belt that has ridges on it. This type of belt will provide gripping power that will prevent inconsistencies in how products are transported.

Because it is essential to have adequate safety measures in place when transporting heavy materials, the use of a belt that contains a textured surface will prevent materials from falling off a mobile unit and injuring a machine operator that is standing alongside or below the belt. 


A mobile unit may contain a custom feature that can be used to elongate a belt or shape it in a way that will be adequate for a targeted application. For instance, if a steep incline is going to be used to transport materials up or down a cliffside, a conveyor operator can measure the distance and assess the shape of the landmass where a machine will be aligned.

This may require an operator to lock machinery pieces into place, once the conveyor system has been set up efficiently. If applications are going to be conducted on uneven terrain, a conveyor system that contains a weighted base will be needed. This type of equipment will not tip over or move as materials are being transported across the belt.

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