3 Tips To Help Make Outdoor Projects With Untreated Lumber More Successful

There are many different wood working projects that you may be considering for which treated wood is often the best choice of material. For projects that you want to have more of a unique look, you may want to use untreated materials. There are some things that you will want to do when using untreated lumber outdoors, such as getting kiln dried materials, staining your wood, and regularly cleaning and applying a protective finish. Here are some tips to help ensure your outdoor projects with untreated lumber materials are successful.

1. Using Kiln Dried Lumber Products For Resistance To Deformations

Drying lumber is one of the most important parts of curing lumber before it can be used in your projects. There are two methods of drying lumber; one is to air dry the lumber, which can cause cracks and checking. The other option is to dry the lumber in a furnace. Kiln dried lumber is less likely to have the problems with deformation that can be found in air dried materials. These materials are better for outdoor projects because they do not have imperfections like cracks that can be susceptible to rot and insects.

2. Applying A Coat Of Sealant To Protect Wood From The Elements

Once you have finished your project, you will want to add a coat of protective sealant to the materials to shield them from the elements. Before you put pieces together, you may want to seal any joints that will be touching each other. This will reduce the potential for rot in these areas that may often go unnoticed. In addition, you will want to use a sealant that is designed to protect untreated woods. You may also want to consider an epoxy coating for materials like reclaimed lumber.

3. Cleaning The Wood Regularly And Applying A Coat Of Protective Polish Occasionally 

One of the most common causes of wood rot is dirt and grime that can eventually lead to fungus growth. To prevent this problem, you may want to clean the wood several times a year. In addition to regular cleaning, there are protective wood treatments like waxes and oils that you can apply to wood to give it extra protection. The more often you do these maintenance tasks, the less likely it will be for you to have a problem with these materials.

Doing some of these things can help to ensure that your outdoor projects with untreated materials last for many years and are a success. If you need materials for your unique outdoor projects, contact a kiln dried lumber service like Trumbull County Hardwood LTD to get the materials you need for your projects.