Top Benefits Of Single-Deep Pallet Racking

When shopping for pallet racking for your warehouse, you might be faced with a few choices. For example, you can choose between single-deep pallet racking, which is the least dense and is only large enough for storage of one pallet deep, or you can choose double-deep or high-density pallet racking. Different choices work in different warehouse environments, but there is a good chance that you will find single-deep pallet racking to be your best choice. These are a couple of the main reasons why.

Single-Deep Pallet Racking Makes Access Easy

One of the main reasons why many people prefer single-deep pallet racking in their warehouses is the fact that it makes access to stock a whole lot easier. If you needed to access the pallet behind the first pallet on a double-deep pallet rack, for example, you or a forklift operator would have to remove the first pallet out of the way, find a place to put the pallet, and then retrieve the second pallet. This is not an issue with single-deep pallet racking, so accessing your items is a whole lot easier. Depending on the products that you keep in stock, this can be very important, such as if you frequently need to check expiration dates.

It's More Affordable

As you might already know, pallet racking can be costly. This makes sense, since the best pallet racking is made out of heavy-duty, durable materials and is designed to withstand heavy loads and occasional "bumps" from forklifts. However, if you are looking to cut costs when buying pallet racking for your warehouse, buying single-deep pallet racking can be the more affordable choice.

It Fits Better in Smaller Spaces

Because single-deep pallet racks are less dense, they don't take up a whole lot of space. If you have a smaller warehouse or are otherwise worried about space, choosing a single-deep pallet rack can be your best option. You can choose taller pallet racking if you are concerned about making the most of your limited space, and you can try different aisle configurations to minimize the space that your pallet racks take up while ensuring that you have ample room for storage.

As you can see, there are a few benefits to consider when it comes to single-deep pallet racking. If you are looking for the best choice for your warehouse, single-deep pallet racking can be a good options to consider for several reasons. Talk to a company like Commercial Hardware to learn more.