Embossed Ceiling And Wall Tiles: How To Get Them

You have probably been in a classy bistro or coffee bar somewhere, looked up and saw ornate ceiling tiles made of copper or some other metal. There is also the possibility that you saw similar smaller tiles on a backsplash in your friend's kitchen. In fact, there are several different sizes and styles of embossed metal ceiling and wall tiles, and here is how to get them for your home or business.

Recycled Goods

Usually when a business closes down and the building is gutted by the next owner, some of the decorative features are donated to recycled goods stores and/or thrift stores. Your best chance to get several embossed metal ceiling tiles for very little money is to visit the recycled goods store nearest you. Because the ceiling tiles are such large items, they are not likely to make it to a thrift store, but a recycled building goods store may have them. Likewise, smaller wall and backsplash tiles may be found at a recycled goods store as well.

Metal Stamping Industries

If you want something more unique or a custom design and have the cash to spend, metal stamping industries can create the tiles you are looking for. This also provides you with several more options than just the usual polished copper or burnished brass that are common to many "antiquated" buildings. You can select the size of the tiles you want (usually square, although rectangles and rounds are possible), the type of metal you want to use (e.g., brass, nickel, copper, tin, etc.) and a pattern or design for your tiles. The metal stamping industry sets up their equipment to punch, stamp and emboss your tiles to your specifications. More often than not, the project manager working on your tiles will "print" one tile to get your approval before fulfilling the rest of your order.

Creating the Tiles Yourself

There are kits available to make backsplash tin tiles or wall tiles on your own. The differences here are that it is a time-consuming process; you cannot create large ceiling tiles on your own and the precision stamping instruments are not present in the DIY kits. You may be able to make a single decorative medallion for your ceiling, but it is both improbable and unlikely that you will want to buy several large sheets of tin (which is the least expensive metal and the easiest to stamp and emboss without industrial equipment) and create an entire ceiling for yourself. However, the DIY kits for tiles on a much smaller scale may be a fun and cost-effective investment to add decorative touches to your home or business.

For more information and options, talk with a local metal stamping company, such as Hub Manufacturing & Metal Stamping.