3 Benefits Of Dry Conveyor Lubrication Systems

Lubrication is an essential part of conveyor system maintenance. By preventing rust and reducing friction, the proper lubrication system can help you avoid repairs, delays and shutdowns. However, you may not be sure whether wet or dry lubrication is best for your conveyor belts. Here are some reasons that dry lubrication is a better choice for your system.

Fewer Accidents

One reason to choose a dry lubrication system is that wet lubrication might make it easier for accidents to happen. Slip and fall injuries account for a full 25% of reported work accidents, and because a wet system sprays conveyor belts and chains with a solution containing water and lubricant, it is not unlikely that water may drip to the ground on a regular basis. When you have standing water on the floor, your employees may slip, fall and hurt themselves.

If that happens, not only are your employees in pain and suffering, but you lose a person on the job, and that can slow down production. In addition, your company may be responsible for financially compensating that person. Dry lubrication systems eliminate all these problems.

Lower Water Bills Each Month

Because wet systems require water, your company might have a sizeable water bill every month. That's why it's a good idea to ensure that you check into a dry system instead. Dry lubrication allows you to avoid rising water costs because those systems use a gel-like lubricant that goes directly on conveyor equipment without the use of any water at all.

No Wastewater Disposal Issues

When you use a wet lubrication system on your conveyor chains and belts, there is likely to be some runoff water that you need to deal with. Local environment standards may require that you dispose of this water in specific ways because of the chemicals in the lubricant you are using. If you fail to get rid of the water in the ways dictated by your state, your company may be subject to steep fines and other penalties.

Dry lubrication helps you avoid this problem. There is no waste water to get rid of, and that can save your company a lot of time and money.

Now that you have more information about why a dry conveyor lubrication system may be beneficial for you and your company, seriously consider installing one. Talk to your supervisors about the many ways this kind of lubrication can help keep your business going.