How To Remove Exterior Paint From A House

If you have found that the paint job on your home is low quality and it needs to be removed, there are a few different options available. While most people will simply paint over the previous color, this isn't always an option. There might be streaks, bubbling, and loose paint that would make removing the paint altogether a better option. Here are some different ways to get the exterior paint removed.

Chemical Paint Removal

Chemical paint remover uses different types of paint stripper products to penetrate the paint film and cause it to swell. Once this happens, it makes it easy to simply peel off the paint. There are different products to choose from when it comes to chemical paint stripping. Some products are eco-friendly and contain non-flammable, biodegradable materials. These are usually safer to use as they are also odor-free, so you don't have that added risk.

However, the stripper is still dangerous, so don't be fooled by the lack of odor and think it is okay to come into contact with. No matter what stripper you choose, protect yourself with a face mask and gloves. The safest paint strippers tend to be the ones that spray, because they can be used from a distance away.

Abrasive Paint Removal

If you don't feel comfortable using chemicals on your home, you can remove the exterior paint by using abrasive paint removal methods. There are two abrasive methods to choose from, including:

Sanding and scraping – You can try using scrapers and orbital sanders to remove the exterior paint from your home. This is better for specific areas that need to be removed and re-done, as opposed to total paint removal. It can be time consuming, so it's not always worth it to remove pain from an entire home using sanding and scraping methods.

Shavers – You can also use a paint shaver to remove multiple layers of paint from your home. They don't use sandpaper, which often gets clogged with paint. Instead, paint shavers utilize blades that are thin and cut through the different layers of paint without cutting into your home's siding.

If necessary, get help from a professional, like Steel Coatings Inc, to thoroughly prepare your surface through abrasive blasting services. 

Thermal Point Removal

The final method for removing paint from your home is with heat, also called thermal paint removal. This is the best option for multiple layers of paint when you want a full paint removal. With thermal paint removal, you heat up the paint and wait for it to bubble. Once it is bubbling, it can simply be scraped away. By using the heat source near the paint area while scraping it, it comes right off. Heat methods that provide thermal paint removal include using an infrared heater, an electric heating plate, or a heat gun.