Tackling Down And Dirty Septic Tank Pumping Questions

It may be a dirty job, but septic tank pumping will have to be done on occasion. If there is a septic tank buried in the ground on your property, chances are, at some point you will be left having to get in touch with a septic tank pumping professional to empty it out. As cut-and-dry as this task may seem, it actually will involve a lot more than what most homeowners realize. Here are a few of the common questions associated with this down and dirty job.

How bad will the smell be when the pumping is taking place?

So your septic tank will be opened up and the greatest fear you have is that the smell will be horrendous – saturating your home for hours and leaving you with a migraine. Even though you may think this is what will happen, it is truly unlikely. Thankfully, septic tanks, at least the modern ones, are equipped with a small opening at the top where a pumping hose will be placed inside to retrieve the waste. Will there be a smell? Yes. However, it will not normally be a lot more than what you may have caught a whiff of already due to an overflowing tank.

Is there any danger of the waste being spilled in the yard during the pumping process?

When your septic tank is full, the pumping professional will take great measures to prevent any waste being spilled during the removal. This may include laying plastic down around the area to catch any drips or spills that may be an issue. If a spill was to occur accidentally, there is an emergency plan of action in place that will prevent the contamination from being distributed throughout your property.

Is it okay if you do not want to be at home during the septic tank pumping?

As long as you make sure the service professional knows where the septic tank is located and does not need your input, it is perfectly fine for you to be gone while the procedure takes place as long as you feel comfortable leaving the workers there unsupervised.

Now that you know the answers to some of the most bothersome questions, you may feel a bit more at ease about having your tank pumped. It is always a dirty job, and you are bound to have questions. Don't be afraid to ask what you really want to know when you schedule your septic tank to be pumped. Contact a company like Richmond Sanitary Service Inc. for more information.