3 Different Types Of Uses For Wire Mesh

Wire mesh can be used for a variety of purposes both inside and outside of the house. The use of wire mesh has been applied to window screens, screen doors, fencing, room dividers, fencing, and even plumbing. If you're looking to spruce up your home to add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, wire mesh may be a good addition. Understanding the different methods wire mesh can be used for will allow you to be more creative when upgrading your home or farm area. Below lists three types of wire mesh and how you can use them around the house or barn.

Woven Wire Mesh

There are a variety of tiny openings within the woven wire mesh that is referred to as wire cloth. This is typically the kind of wire mesh is used for screen windows and doors. The wire cloth is designed to allow air to flow in the home, while keeping the bugs and other insects out. It's typically secured in a metal frame with a rubber lining.

This same mesh wire can be used to create an enclosed porch screen. In addition, the mesh wire can be spray painted to blend into the color scheme of the exterior of your home. However, if you are a creative person, you can also air brush different designs on the wire mesh such as a landscape of the neighborhood or a silhouette of your home.

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is good for heavy duty jobs around the house that need to be made sturdy, such as fencing or creating a barrier for added security. The wires in this mesh have been welded together, hence the name, to firmly create a sturdier reinforced connection.

Welded wire mesh can be combined with wood paneling to make a more decorative design for the backyard. If you have children, consider painting the wood paneling with color schemes for the children, such as animal designs or daisies. This will provide a decorative border that will enhance the appeal of the home and add something different than all the other homes in the neighborhood.

Knit Wire Mesh

Knit wire mesh can be used to secure pig pens, chicken coops, and even in some garden areas and home yards. The purpose of knitted wire mesh was to contain the livestock and prevent them from getting away. However, because of its unique design it can also be used to create chain link fences.

Knit wire mesh can possibly be used for the simplest yet create methods for decorating around the house. You can crochet with this type of mesh and create picture designs to put on the walls. You can also use knit mesh to create a unique welcome mat to put outside your front or back door.

There are a variety of creative ideas for using wire mesh. The fun of it all is that you are only limited by your imagination. Just grab some mesh and have some fun, you never know what you can design. For bigger projects, consider working with an artist or contractor for fencing projects. For more information, contact companies like Midwestern Industries Inc.